Friday, June 14, 2013

Tantra massage in Dubai & Muscat

*An intense release for deep stress & anxiety* – 2 hours - A full body massage, using special oils. Body to body massage followed by oral play and full Girlfriend experience. This session can take place in my apartment where you will be welcomed by relaxing atmosphere or in your hotel suite / home. Donation for this session is 4000aed. Tell me what you need! Allow me to please you in as many ways as possible. This is your time of relaxation and enjoyment.

*A trip to Freedom* – 3 to 4 hours – Forget your daily life and create a mini holiday with me. Discover my body! Have fun! After you will have a feeling of being renewed and ready to start again. Why not? This is your chance to try something new!

Donation for "A trip to Freedom* is 5000aed.

All the sessions are of the highest standard and totally high class. I am also open to all kinds of role play (please let me know your fantasy!), Fetishes, Light domination, A-level (anal play). I like to dress sexy when meeting you.

Shorter sessions (less then 2 hours) are also possible. Donation for a short session is 3000aed.

I also have specials for longer appointments of 6 hours or more. Please ask me!


To make a contact, please e-mail me: (I check my e-mails daily)
or send a text message on my mobile: 00971 559162982. In your message, please write me a few words about yourself and what kind of meeting you like.

Please avoid calling me (unless we have confirmed a meeting before) as I am not able to answer every call or not in a situation to answer and speak freely.

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I am also a regular visitor to Muscat!

Friday, May 31, 2013

Being naughty at night

There is nothing better then being naughty at night. During my latest walk in downtown, I entertained different kind of thoughts, from romantic once to a little bit more improper. How nice it would be to kiss or even make love under a sky filled with stars and moon in Dubai? I do have a wild part in me which is difficult to handle sometimes. This is the reason I love being a companion as it permits me to free my spirit and naughty side of course! Only I wish I could get more playful here with no worry to be discovered. I guess for now I would have to keep it in my imagination only.

I have taken a few photos during my walk. They are quite artistic in nature. Please enjoy.

Now to satisfy your curiosity and to arouse your mind, I am placing two photos of myself.
The Second one was taken on the same day of my walk. The First one is just "a spice up" ;). 
Please write a comment. I love to read your opinions.

Time for another blog post. This one is about SEX

Yes, you have it right. I dare to mention it clearly. Moreover write about it. After all, It must be not easy for a girl living in the Middle East for such a long time. Or Really? Despite living in Dubai for a few years, I managed to preserve my naughty nature and dirty thinking. It all happens behind closed doors, but it is nevertheless there. After all, It is part of being human. Sex is one of the most enjoyable aspects of having a body. It is a joy in itself. Pleasure refined. Some people call it simple, some people call it dirty, some beautiful. To me, It is like a delicious desert. You do not need it to survive, but it is a pleasure you can Not refuse! It is just part of a good life.

I grew up in a conservative family where sex was a taboo. I was never told what it was. We were never talking about it. Sex was something hidden and only to know after marriage. I found it out myself as I am a curious person by nature. I wanted to find my own opinion and path in life. I became free. It was not easy. I had to dare to be different and listen to my needs. I am glad I did!

I am a woman with a high sex drive. I love it and lots of it. Most of all, I am not shy to admit it. It is just part of who I am :)

Money is only a tip of an iceberg

Some people think that high class escorts are materialistic beings focused on money and what it can buy. It is not true! Indeed, some of them might have money-grubbing personality, but a truly high class companion understands what life is all about.

Let me tell you an example: Yesturday I received two calls from gentlemen interested in a meeting. One called lunch time, another one early evening. Both seeking services for 1500aed. I am not sure if they have read my profile and blog, but clearly this is not my donation. I would not feel comfortable to meet anyone for as low gift as this one, even in a city like Dubai which is filled up with low quality girls. In fact, majority of gentlemen visit me (I travel to them if invited) for at least two to three hours sessions.

I have personal approach to meeting men. Each person I engage with is special with different personality and needs. To say it simple, during our session you are not just a number (as it is the case with many other escorts) but a special human being. For this "social approach", I need more time to make our meeting more natural and "date like".

What if I agreed to meet those two gentlemen for 1500aed each? I would have already made 3000aed on that day. Do I want to? Do I need to? Not really! In my point of view, escorting is not only about money (although money is nice of course), it is also about kind of people I meet and how I engage my time. After all, life is not only about sex (however wonderful it would be!).

"Money we can recover. Time never"

Short introduction

Most of the gentlemen like to spend a few hours in my company, however there are a few out there you like a special meeting lasting at least a night or a day and sometimes even a weekend! I have had a couple of those this year and I truly enjoy them. Of course, if you intend to spend so much time together, it would be nice if you can find out beforehand if we are "a match" in terms of personality and habits.

Here are a few practical notes about myself:

Nationality: Polish (I may not sound typical Polish as I have spend so much time out of my country, but again I am Polish from my roots and this is what matters).

Age: I am not very very young and I am not middle age... yet. I think I am just right ;)

Education: I may decide to keep it a secret. However, I have done my share of studies and experiences. I am in constant need to know more of course. You will find out when we meet if you are curious enough!

Favorite places to travel: Of course, India! It is such an interesting and culturally diverse country. And so exotic!   In Europe, Italy.  I have been there many times and always like to return for more of Italian passion.
I have never been to Thailand yet, so do not have an opinion ;)

Favorite drinks: I love tea (any kind of tea) and drink lots every day! I am not much of a alcohol drinks fan, but will consider a glass of white wine with dinner or a glass of champagne on special occasion.

Smoking: I do not smoke. In fact I have never smoked in my life. I am OK however if you need to smoke in my presence. I do tend to meet gentlemen who need to smoke sometimes and I am NOT allergic.

Food: I like good food and eating out in nice places :) Fish, chicken, duck with lots of veggies. I like both European as well as exotic food. Lately I have developed taste for Middle Eastern cuisine, but it changes ;)

Sexuality: I have a high sex drive (and I am totally honest here). I like to have it quite a lot, but not always hard. As a lady, I also enjoy slow sensual foreplay with plenty of romance. I like to experiment and make it "spicy". For example, my favorite is ROLE PLAY (toys are an option too). I am a big fan of massage. It is a great way to start a good naughty session :)

Hygiene / personal grooming: I like to take long showers and baths (exp in company of a gentleman). My hair is very long therefore I wash it every day to keep it beautiful. I do shave my private areas to make sure they are smooth for a play. I am totally obsessed to keep my teeth very clean, so when you kiss me it will feel like heaven!

Tattoos: I do not have any! There was a time in my life when I wanted to have one in my back with a special meaning to me at that time. I am glad I did not do it. I find tattoos on males however TOTALLY AROUSING. It is a feeling of being naughty or doing something out of the norm.

Activities I like to do with a date on a longer meeting (besides massage & sex of course): Sightseeing...Having lived in Dubai since 2008 I know the city very well. I can act as your personal tour guide around the city if this is your first visit. You will love my company and sense of humor of course :)
Camel riding (I love animals!) and camping in the desert. I can recommend hotels or resorts to stay.

Favorite sexual position: All of them! I think diversity is the key. It keeps things exciting and with a bit of newness.

Favorite activity in the morning:  Bathing (besides hot sex of course!), alone or together with someone. I just adore long baths with a lot of bubbles. It is also a great way of foreplay if you have a partner.

Interests: History. I like anything which is old or very old or in connection with very old ;) I like to travel to places with history, read books about history and watch historical movies. My list is endless! Another interest, sexuality and philosophy. I am engaged in both or rather...I would connect both together. We need to be open to sex as it is a basic human need as food or water, hmm...maybe not so basic, but still quite basic ;) 

Friday, March 15, 2013

After almost a month being in Dubai and all the action it looks like situation has calmed down a little bit. It only means one thing, I will be on the road again and this is very soon indeed! The question is to where? I have so many choices. Of course I will make it to every city, but in which order?

My life has been on the slow mode last few days. Being in this mood, I notice every small situation and person, chatting up with taxi drivers and bell boys, going out for walks with endless time on my hands. I get very sensual looking for adventure at every corner.

Today at breakfast a mix of different crowds: a proper western family with a child, an Arabic couple and a group of young people possibly on holidays. It was fun to observe guessing who they are and why they are in Dubai.

My eyes set however on two girls speaking Russian (which I did not understand) dressed up very glamorous with heavy make up. At 9 am in the morning? They surely stood out from the rest! Both wearing extremely short dresses with high heels. One of the ladies boobs sticking out like juicy melons ready to be squeezed. Did they wear any underwear on? I am not so sure! I kept looking at them all breakfast while eating my eggs and sipping coffee. I started to think: "Am I bi sexual? Looking at girls like that!" I do love men. This is for sure! About girls however I tend to swing in different directions. I am curious. I need to find out soon :)

A bit about photoshop ;)

Every escort website is bombarded with photos of beautiful models ready for action. I do not mean to say that all the photos are fake. I find it of importance however to mention that most of those images are highly retouched. They give people false illusion of reality. They think they will meet a lady in the photo, meanwhile a reality is totally different. No one is that perfect, believe me!

This the reason I use totally natural, every day images taken by friends on different occasions not professional photographers. They are not as pretty as photos of models on escort websites, but they are realistic.

Below are two videos taken from YouTube which show you a potential of photoshop. Possibilities are endless! Check it out: